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Call Now: (828) 400-7271 Computer Repair - Tune-up & Virus Removal PC /Mac Tech-Links  CNET Bandwidth Meter Net Speed Tests - All Router Configuration Page Support Linksys:	 Dlink:				 Belkin: Buffalo			 NetGear: Charter Cable:	 DSL: Netopia Satelite Dish “Blank” Admin “Blank” “Blank” Admin  admin Router Type				 	    Config. IP					    User Name			Password Admin “Blank” “Blank” “Blank” Password  password Internet Support Telephone Numbers Charter Cable AT&T DSL  HP Tech Support  Dell Tech Support   Apple Tech Support 866-808-0413, 888-438-2427 888-321-2375  800-474-6836  800-624-9896, 800-915-3353 877-886-3355  800-275-2273 Estimate Battery Backup requirement ___Watts(W) X 1.82, or  ___AMP(A) X 120 = VA Add all equipment then X .6 to Calculate Actual Req.  So:  W X 1.82 X .6 =  VA (ie. 500 X 1.82 X .6= 546 VA) AVG ANTIVIRUS service

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